Friday, December 6, 2013

Be-U-Tee-Full Blog Tour
Dec. 2nd through the 16th
One of Cali’s bestie friends, Lyvia, is feeling pretty icky. Lyvia
had to get glasses, and she is sure the glasses make her look yucky. Lyvia does not
even want to wear them, but Cali has a better idea, and a great lesson to teach her
bestie: you are be-u-tee-full for simply being you.
About the Author:
Journi Roe created Cali and the BF Crew in her
heart, drawing on her own experiences as a spunky little girl with big ideas to create
heartfelt stories that would empower children such as her own. “The world of Cali
and the BF Crew is filled with acceptance, love, and courage only a best friend can
give you honestly,” Journi shares. “Cali is the best friend we all wish we had grown
up with.”

My 5 Star Review

My 5 year old daughter and I read this book together and we both loved it. It was a very cute story about self esteem and learning that it's ok to be different. I teach my girls that being different is a good thing, it's what makes us unique. We are looking forward to many more stories in the series and meeting the rest of the BF crew.


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  1. Thank you kindly for reading and reviewing "Be-U-Tee-Full!" especially with your precious lil nugget =)