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                                                 AUTHOR KIMBERLY ADAMS

To celebrate she has put ALL of her books on sale for just .99 ¢

The Roam Series
(New Adult Time Travel, Fantasy Romance)
Roam quickly learns that her fate is not as simple as she once
believed. She has spent six lifetimes, as far back as the fifteenth century to as recently as the 1970s, struggling to survive a prophecy that has forsaken her… and the man that she has loved throughout time.  
Evil is near, and now, in their last life together, West must protect Roam for the last time, save their unborn child… and in turn, save our world.

Roam Book #1
Fall Book #2
Rise Book #3
Rush Book #4
Rule Book #5
West #5.5 Novella
Reign Book #6

The Movie Trilogy
(New Adult Romance)

The Movie Trilogy is the four part story of Vivian Hale, an aspiring actress, and Keaton Thorne, Oscar-winning Hollywood director. In the small town where both of their parents grew up, they meet, agreeing to spend just one weekend together.

Neither of them expected to fall in love so fast.

The story takes us to the filming of Vivian's first movie, directed by Keaton. A series of murders have occurred surrounding the movie set, and Keaton and Vivian find themselves trapped together, at the mercy of the killer.
Matthew, Vivian's ex, heads a relentless search to find her. As their lives are threatened, Vivian and Keaton realize that fate is both a time and a place...

And their lives were meant to be tangled up forever.
Rating: R

Movie Trilogy Just .99 Cents

Below Unforgiven  Book #1
Before a Perfect World Book #2
On Heartbreak Ridge Book #3

What people are saying:

“A must read” LAK from Penny For My Thoughts Book Blog
“I want more! . . . SO LOVED THIS BOOK!” TKAM
“Fantastic read!!” Vesper007
“I Fell In Love With The Characters!Lori Morin Wright

The Fire Ballad Series
(New Adult, Paranormal Horror Fantasy Romance)
The Fire Ballad Series follows Eva and Cole as find themselves in an unlikely partnership, battling supernatural and unearthly forces.
Join Cole and Eva as they uncover mysteries that not only exist in our world, but in the parallel universe of Icepond.
The Fire Ballad Series is a Spin-Off from the Roam series. Each book is a stand-alone.
Recommended to read The Roam Series first.

(Eighth Note R, Carousel R)
Fire Ballad, a Horror Series, just .99 Cents

Eighth Note #1
Carrousel #2

"The plot kept me on my toes, guessing wise and page turning once I was sucked in" Book Bliss
“holy crap, that was flippin awesome” Amazon Customer
“You can FEEL this book!” Courtney Konstantin

(Formerly published under pen name Theresa Rite)

When Sandy Quinn met Jason Brewer on the first day of second grade, a life-long friendship was born.

Twenty-six years later, Jason is finally ready to move on from his divorce. His ex-wife leaves behind her Kindle, and he stumbles upon Bestselling Author Carissa Steel’s latest release. After learning that she lives less than an hour from his apartment- and is single- he contacts her on Facebook. As he struggles to flirt over chat, he enlists the help of his best friend.

Sandy has spent three years waiting for her boyfriend, Jack, to finally pop the question. At the same time Jason asks for her help, her world slowly begins to crumble around her. Through her pain, she continues to support her best friend, playing Cyrano to his newest conquest.

As Sandy begins to chat with Jason online, she creates a safe place to explore what neither of the friends thought would ever exist between them. As lines blur and are eventually crossed, they begin to wonder if amazing sex is worth risking a lifetime of friendship.

Twenty-six years… twenty-six letters.

Could they have always only needed each other?

Kimberly Adams is the writer of paranormal, horror, new adult, and erotic romance. She enjoys quick walks on the beach, fast dinners, and nineties music. Kimberly lives in Ohio and loves to connect with her readers!


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**Blog Tour** Let It Be Us



Montana has become everything Arianna Dubray never wanted it be. Home. Now, with every part of her Boston life behind her, she has all she needs to watch her future unfold in her little country life: her sister, Shelby, and the man that captured her heart and never let go, Canyon Michaels.
But Canyon was sure Arianna was never coming back, and in the midst of his excitement, he doesn't reveal the one thing that could shatter his dreams of being with her for the rest of his life.
When every secret comes to light, the only thing left to do is to leave their love in fate's hands.

This is the follow up to the best selling novel, Let it be Me and should be read in order.



5 Stars
 Canyon and Ari's story continues and as you know  these two have never had it easy but their love for each other is real. 
When Canyon shows up to support Ari, they go home to the happily ever after they have both dreamed of.. Right?!! 
Wrong! This is Canyon and Ari remember.. It's not that simple, so what happens well, you will have to read the book to find out! It is definitely worth the read, I promise.  

His eyes never left mine as he was being pulled away, and I knew the future was ours as a family. Nothing could take that away from me again. I watched his mouth as he silently spoke, "I love you." He was pulled out of sight before I could respond, but we had the rest of our lives for me to say those words. And I planned on saying them as often as possible.

Author Barbara Speak loves nothing more than being allowed to share her ideas and thoughts through books that so many enjoy. When she's not writing she's caring for her son and daughter along side her amazing husband in rural Missouri. She has 5 more babies but these are covered in fur. Bode the boxer, Tucker the beagle and Lily, Callie and Connor her kitties.



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**New Release** The Dangerous Gift

OUT NOW from @limitlessbooks– #TheDangerousGift by @Jolliffe03

═══ #NewRelease ═══
A #Western #RomanticSuspense
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
After a tragic plane crash kills Jennie Taylor’s guardians, she returns to her childhood home—and her first love, Jared Stewart.
At just eighteen years old, Jennie had left the Unicorn Ranch in Texas to seek a life in the outside world. But she wasn’t just running toward independence. Heartbroken and confused, Jennie fled her home after Jared harshly rejected her on the eve of her birthday.
Now she must choose between making a new life on the ranch she has grown to love, or returning to her simple but empty life in England. The choice seems obvious at first, but nothing in life is simple…

Jared is forced to share control of his beloved ranch with the woman he wants but can't have.

When Jennie receives an anonymous note, she goes to Jared for support. But what she finds is more than she was prepared for, driving the two further apart than ever. When an old friend is murdered and suspicious accidents escalate, endangering Jennie’s safety, Jared becomes her reluctant protector.

Jennie knows Jared is hiding something, but does he really want her gone from the ranch? And if so, could he be the one behind the ominous threats?

Determined to prove Jared isn't involved, Jennie turns detective. Can she succeed in her courageous but reckless investigation…or is the truth a dangerous gift she won’t survive?
═══ PURCHASE ═══
‘Writing has touched my life in every decade. At fifty, I took a risk and made writing my career, fulfilling a lifetime ambition.’
I enjoy writing blogs, book reviews and especially stories. Vivid imagery, atmospheric settings, strong females and sensual males are essential for my stories. Everyday life and ordinary people inspire me. How would someone react, if faced with something extraordinary? A thread of romance runs through my all my books, whether they be suspense, fantasy or historical.
I want to let my readers escape their lives for a while, experience new places, new people and most importantly, new emotional lows and highs My favorite parts of the writing process are; finding a person, event or place that makes me want to write a story about it and the writing itself; when your fingers cannot type fast enough, to transcribe your thoughts.
Family is very important to me. My two children are my greatest achievement to date.
I am an animal welfare supporter and regularly use social media to promote animal welfare issues.

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**Cover Reveal** Lines We Forget

Cover Designer: J.E. Warren
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Love almost never comes easy, especially to those who aren’t prepared for it…

Twenty-four-year-old musician and part-time busker Charlie Stone has always played the classics. 

It’s just another day of playing the same old songs from his well-worn repertoire when he notices her—Anna Garrett, a beauty with cold-bitten, rosy cheeks, and a coffee cup clutched in her hands.

Five songs later, and she’s still standing there. He vows to steal her attention, and her heart, the only way he knows how—through the power of music.

In the heart of London’s cold, rain-soaked streets, chance encounters are far and few between, but a warm melody can bring people together…

New day. Same old disappointments. Mark didn’t show up to their second date, and twenty-two-year-old Anna Garrett believes her luck at finding love has stalled before it’s even started.

But when she sees a handsome busker, playing his heart out to a captivating classic, everything changes. Memories come flooding back.  And as she listens, Anna soon realises that she must take matters of love and luck into her own hands.

When opposites attract, sparks fly…

After a series of wonderful, unconventional dates, feisty Anna and hopeless romantic Charlie soon declare their love for each other. But their newfound romance is rocked to its core by a New Year’s Eve party gone awry that threatens to throw them off course.

But love was never meant to be easy…

With a reinforced bond that seems too strong to break, both continue to fall deeper in love. But when Anna loses her job, and distance comes between them, the real work begins.

Will their love be a one-hit wonder, or a timeless classic?

°° J.E. WARREN °°
J.E.Warren currently resides in a somewhat sleepy seaside town, and is a British Romance/YA writer who has a long standing love for milky tea, travel, shaggy haired 90’s band Hanson, and small dogs.

Always observing, she enjoys writing and bringing to life realistic and relatable characters, especially strong, sharp and savvy females who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Music has always played a big part in her life – from noisy rock to reggae, folk to pop punk and everything in else between. And is a constant source of inspiration when writing, especially when plotting new ways to steal reader’s hearts, or make them swoon (usually with the help of guitar playing heartthrobs.)

When she’s not writing, J.E likes to curate perfect play lists – of which she has many, and catch up on her favourite shows (again too many), though you can be certain to find Buffy The Vampire Slayer on heavy rotation.