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**Blog Tour** The Black Lotus

Title: The Black Lotus
Author: Claire Warner
Genre: Historical Romance with a paranormal twist
....though I would dearly love to play court to you, I would hurt you more than any other.” 

It is 1752. The year that will change the life of heiress Melissa De Vire. As she makes her first steps into society, she meets Justin Lestrade and his world tears her perceptions apart. Drawn irresistibly to him, she finds herself sinking into a realm of feuds, magic and old curses. 

Author Bio

By day I am a boring civil servant, but by night (and at weekends) I write stories. I love fiction, I love the way that words can draw you from your own everyday world. 

I love to read. As a child I read all of the Enid Blyton books and devoured Roald Dahl. As a teenager, I discovered LJ Smith, Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, David Eddings and went through the phase of reading Point Horrors. As an adult, I found Kelley Armstrong, Raymond E Feist, Georgette Heyer, The Brontes, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Sheridan La Fanu and Henry James. I cannot imagine live without books. 


Book Excerpts

Standing in the corner of room, a glass raised to his lips, was a young man. Impeccably and dramatically dressed in dark blue and gold he stood aloof from the crowd, watching the proceedings with little interest.

“Marcus.” She nodded towards the corner. “Who is that?”
Marcus glanced up and across the room, his eyes falling on the young man with what seemed to be concern.
“That is Justin Lestrade..” He answered her calmly as he drew her through the crowd, away from the man and towards a pair of chairs.
“I’ve heard of him,” Melissa felt disappointed. That handsome young man had one of the worst reputations in . Barely a week went by without some scandal or other. Sensible women did not vie for his attention yet he never seemed to lack female company.

“I’m not surprised,” Marcus murmured as he guided her to sit. “He has a poor reputation though and I do not believe that father would ever admit him to his company,”
“Oh.” Melissa gazed across the room again, yet several dancing couples obscured her view of the corner.
“If you must find someone to moon over,” Marcus began, noting her roving eyes. “I would hope that it would be someone other than him,”
“I won’t moon over him, I’m just curious,” She drew her attention back to her brother and smiled.
“Ah yes but we know what curiosity did and I’m just warning you that Father would have a fit if you turned up on Lestrade’s arm,” Marcus held her gaze and she saw warning within there. “So save your curiosity for more worthy types,”
Melissa pursed her lips in frustration but said nothing. Her thoughts seethed with questions and though she adored her older brother, she could not make him aware of them. Father was friends with Montjoy and he was hardly what she considered gentlemanly. How could he be friends with one person with a low reputation yet ostracise another? And how could Marcus feel that she would fling herself on a complete stranger just because she asked his name.
“I didn’t mean to preach.” Marcus said finally as the silence lengthened. “But it’s best you hear this from me and not father.” He patted her gently on the arm and stood up clearly feeling that the conversation was finished. “Are you alright here?” She nodded and watched her brother move away across the floor.


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