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The Descendant

Caitlyn Marie Beale (Cat) is an average teenage girl with everyday problems. She tends to shy away from guys and one of the mean girls, Jenna Swanson, makes her high school life miserable. Her twin brother, Jason (Jay), on the other hand, loves being in the social life. Yet, her dating life has changed, Thanks to one of her best friends, Anna O’Hearn. The popular boy at school, Daniel Christie (Danny), asked her out, only one problem, Anna’s brother, Joseph—who’s completely overprotective of Cat and doesn’t want Danny near her. Not to mention, a stubborn black cat named midnight, keeps showing up at unusual times. That should be the only problem right? Wrong. Cat’s psychic gifts come to life, when her parents and oldest brother, Garry, are killed in a car accident. Also, her close friend Reece becomes missing. How? By magic. Every tree takes to life and haunts Caitlyn, starting with the weeping willow tree that destroyed her parents. What’s worse? The horrible image of Reece being kidnapped. What would a teenage girl like Cat do, when people she loves turn up missing or killed? Find out who did it and stop them from killing others— without getting in over her head and not having to explain everything to her guardian, her sister Jessie, and Detective Tristan Garrison (who has been keeping an eagle eye on her and her twin). Finding her father’s article, Cat figure’s out that the accident is connected to the Pine Barron Woods. She makes a pack with Joseph and Jason to help her find closure. With the help of her twin, Joe and Anna, Cat discovers more about her parent’s death, Cat then becomes so obsessive about solving her parents’ death and to help her friend, that she’s shut everyone out, including Danny. Well everyone except Joe— who’s a pain in her butt most of the time, not letting her out of his sight. Feelings begin to rise between Cat and Joseph. Their journey begins at the Pine Barron Wood, where Cat finds an old burial ground that had some sort of markings in the Huge Rune stones. Her and her friends then search for information in regards to her parents’ death and Reece’s disappearance. They come across the legend of the Fairy Queen, Aine of Knockaine—who seeks revenge on King Math of Mathowny (father of magic) and the Guardians of Draco (started by Math’s children), by creating Changelings (those who are possessed by fairies) in order to avenge her lover Gilfaethwy. Therefore, she put a curse on Math’s kingdom and his children. Darkness will come to Math’s kingdom and his children will be destroyed by the darkness with in, in her lifetime or the next. Starting with Meredith, the kings youngest child—who has been blessed with Merlin’s gifts. The changeling must complete a ritual which will bring her back from the spirit world. The only way to succeed, is to take the blood of a powerful sorcer’s bloodline, like the Morrigan’s (the only one who could ever destroy the fairy queen).How do you stop a changeling from doing harm to others and harm to themselves? Cat insists on finding out who he or she is, before they complete the ritual. Garry’s spirit visits to guide Cat. She comes across two possible people that might be changeling—Jenna Swanson and Daniel Christie. To her dismay, Jay and Joe don’t agree with her about Jenna Swanson. To top it all, Jessie has come down on her and Detective Garrison’s getting to close to Cat’s older sister. How can you find a mythological character and stop her? Find the most powerful stone, Morginite stone, and destroy it with the White Knight’s sword. Merlin created the sword the White Knight’s sword for the Morrigan to control the balance of nature. Its power can cut through any mystical stone and destroy the stone’s power. Cat and her friends take on a wild adventure, from séances, and old book stores and libraries, to a mud creature (with sharp fangs and a boar’s cry). Let’s not forget the iced over ocean that Cat almost drowns in when she finds the sword. On a plus note, Joe and her finally kiss. YAY! So close, yet so far away. As soon as Cat comes closer to the changeling, Jay, Joseph and Anna are taken. Feeling hopeless, she finds her notebook with Jason’s writing on it. Jason knew it was the burial site. Now she’s ready to fight. Cat calls Danny in order to help her. With the sword in her hand, they head off the Pine Barron Woods, hoping to stop the ritual. Voices of Anna screaming clouds Cat’s thoughts. She circles around the meadow in the woods, but the sound disappears. What’s worse, Danny went missing. The trees closes in on her and all she’s left with are memories of her parents and the sadness of the loss of her friends. Until, she hears Joe’s voice. A light from the path, pushes away the trees. Cat escapes, however the trees shower her with branches, cutting into her only shield, her arms. Once she reaches the burial ground and finds Joe unconscious. She rushes to Joe and tries to help him. Daniel leans over her and gives her an ice cold kiss on the cheek. Come to find out Daniel is Gilfaethwy. Danny tortures Cat be telling her that she’ll watch the Guardians of Draco die starting with her brother Jay. For Jay is the reincarnation of Meredith. Jay’s to week to defend himself. His body becomes overtaken by the Fairy Queen. She appears. Bolts of Electricity comes out of the staff that she carries. The electricity heads towards Jay. Cat blocks it with the White Knight’s sword. Aine is furious and attacks Cat. Once she has Cat pinned to the ground with her foot. She laughs. Victory is sweet. Aine tells her that Cat is a descendant of Math’s children. Aine instructs Danny to finish off Jay. Cat breaks free of the Fairy Queen and rushes to save Jay. Before Daniel could kill Jay with his sword, Cat stops him. A sword fight breaks out between Cat and Daniel. Joseph tries to stop him but the Fairy Queen throws him against one of the Pine Trees and slowly watches him die. Cat sees what’s happening. Daniel punches her and she lands next to the Morginite Stone. She hears Garry’s voice telling her to destroy it. Cat destroys the stone, the stone sends shards breaking the Fairy Queen’s staff in half. The fairy queen starts to become vapor, while Daniel slams into one of the huge stones. After, a pebble hits Cat on the side of her forehead. Cat loses awareness. Aine has Jay where she wants him. She gently reaches into Jay’s chest to rip out his heart. The White Knight sword jabs at the Queens stomach. Cat stands strong. The Queen couldn’t believe that the Morrigan had reincarnated into Cat.  Before Cat destroys her, Aine did warn Cat, killing her means that the creatures of darkness will avenge her. Cat told the Fairy queen that she will give back every soul that belongs to the heavens starting with the Fairy Queen. After Cat made the mark of a raven and thrust the sword into Aine’s heart. What happens next? Jay and the others come to. There is no sign of Joseph anywhere expect for a poem he left for Cat. Daniel charges towards Cat with his sword. Shots rang out. Daniel disintegrates. Detective Garrison saves Cat’s life. He walk towards the stones. Cat and Jay follow. Detective Garrison tells them when he was ordered from the Guardians of Draco to protect the descendant of Meredith, but he didn’t realize that the Morrigan and Math of Mathowny was reincarnated into her younger siblings. Both Cat and Jay just stare at the Guardian…

About the Author
Your real name and pen name. Ariel H Stagg: Penn Name Ellie Hart
Please share some of the best memories of your childhood. The Best memory I could share was my almost first Kiss…it’s actually how the descendant first started. As I remember in my younger years I was the geeky tomboy with the poodle perm hair. Who didn’t care for the school age boys-Truth be told, I secretly wanted to be married to Harrison Ford. During that time, one of our neighbor’s son, who was witty and cute -- always looked after me and we had fun hanging out with each other. He was always kind and helpful (no matter what idiotic thing I did) I still don’t know if it was because I was his sister’s friend or the girl next door. And for this reason, my heart went out to him. I didn’t realize it until the day a group of us were in his room watching a movie. (And I do recall it was one of the Indiana Jones Movies). I don’t know if he would ever remember, but he tried to kiss me. Shy and geeky I didn’t know what to do expect laugh and I either thought it or asked, “What you were trying to do?”  What he didn’t know was that at the time I never been kissed and I had butterflies swimming all around me. I was scared. Scared of what would happen if we did kiss. So I called this moment my almost kiss. Years later, I write stories of young love and the first amazing kiss. A kiss that many girls will never forget. I laugh because I couldn’t remember my first kiss expect that it was horrible, but I remember the boy who I gave my heart to not realizing it. As I said in my dedication, he’s the boy next door who will always have a special place in my heart.
Tell us about your education were you always a writer? No. I went to school for CNA and theatre arts and communications. I wanted to be an actress but in many eyes I wasn’t actress material, so fait had another course for me. I landed a job at Southeastern Surgical Associates and ended up with dealing with insurance companies.
What languages can you speak and write? I would love to learn a different language, but I only speak and write in English.
What is your biggest source of inspiration in life? My kids and my faith. Also, squishing my feet in soft green grass. It sounds crazy, but I get the best ideas when I’m outside.
What hurts you most in this world? Negative people who can’t see out of their own way and at the possibilities the world as to offer. It’s seems that we created a society that is all about what can I get, instead of what can I do. Also, how cruel people can be to others who are different, whether they have a different race, religion, culture or special need.
What is your favorite genre and why? I don’t really have one. If I enjoy the story or book, I’m hooked.
When did you start writing? When I was young I used to create poems and short stories of love and adventure—my writing came to life when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I wrote social stories and poems to help him communicate whether it was in church or at school, while doing so, I had ideas pop into my head about folk lore legends—mostly when I was working with him at Sunday school.
What is the purpose of your writing? Simple, to tell my story which has the power of friendship, family and most importantly love.
Which of your works have been published so far? The Descendant—A Caitlyn Beale Memoir. Also, short stories and poems that are on my FB page and blog.
Any works in progress? LoL, quite a few. One’s that are at the close to the editing stages are The Siren a Jason Beale Memoir and New Dawn. What happens with me is that I would have a final product, then gut it, it seems like I start from scratch, it would be the same story, but more excitement.
What are your future plans? This may sound geeky but to help others through my own success (there are charities and programs that are near and dear to my heart). To have my son actually be heard and to give my kids an excellent life (traveling, understanding differences).  Also, secretly wishing to see my book on a newsstand or a Bookstore.
 What top four things do you consider while writing a book? Bonding with my characters, they may have supernatural powers, but they are normal teens or adults. The adults do make mistakes and the teens do have curfews. There has to be a need for an adventure with supernatural experiences. I do start writing about a normal day to day life and my imagination goes wild. I keep telling myself, we need an immortal or a wolf in this part. PLOT and a TWIST (my opinion, a book can never be cut and dry.) Easy to read and Grabs the reader to the point that they don’t want to put the book down—it’s like they’re part of the story.
 What is your dream destination on Earth? Europe—Disney style.
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. Born in the U.S. As a country
Bumpkin, I haven’t really travelled expect for Montreal Canada.
What did you like best about these countries around the globe? I’m fascinated by other countries folk
lore stories. Also, their culture.
Your favorite time of day. Midmorning, early afternoon, I’m awake enough to focus on day to day
Your favorite color and why? Ocean blue, it’s silly but it gives sweet serenity.
Your favorite book and why? I have a few. My all-time favorite book is Emma, from Jane Austin. I love
the fact that it’s about two good friends who fell in love with each other.
Your favorite celebrity and why? Audrey Hepburn, the woman had true beauty inside and out
Your favorite food? Anything I can eat
Some quickies:
Sun or Moon: Depends on the day.
Laughter or Smile: Laughter
Morning or Evening: Morning before the children wake up.
Coffee or Tea: Coffee!!! J
Mountain or Sea: Both
Silence or Conversation. Silence
Water or Fire: Both
Air or Earth: Earth.
Mars or Jupiter: neither
Tulip or Rose: Neither, I prefer daisies
Left or Right: right
Glance or Stare: ???
State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote: Tears and Laughter are two of my favorite emotions.
The last line of your autobiography would be… She lived happily ever after

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