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Title: Kairos, An Enmortals Series Novel
Author: K.J. Coakley
Release Date: June 13, 2014
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Book Description:
What if the enticing man who has just seized your every sense enlightens you to realms beyond our dimension? Can that spark of love withstand a war to protect mankind? Kairos: An Enmortals Series Novel by K. J. Coakley is the spellbinding novel that reveals that the deepest love need not be confined to the trappings of one world.
The first in a series of paranormal romances, Kairos swirls in mankind, magic, and mythology as it chronicles the first blush of yearning between Sulwen Macgregor, a shy and sheltered college senior, and Logan Thatcher, a mesmerizing former playboy with arresting good looks, an offbeat sense of humor, and an ironclad moral code. When the two meet, Sulwen has no inkling that she soon will embark on an odyssey that not only exposes Logan as other than mortal, but uncovers astonishing aspects of her own being as well.
As Logan saves Sulwen from fast-approaching peril, the two must discover if their love is truly without bounds and strong enough to fend off adversaries far more craven than they ever could fathom. With wild imagination, otherworldly passion, and heart-pumping action, Kairos goes where no human being has dared, all in the name of love.

It’s the beginning of a love that just may endure the test of time and the vast chasm between our universe and another. Kairos: An Enmortals Series Novel is the inaugural installment of a new paranormal romance epic that weaves together man, myth, and magic in an intricate tapestry that will spark your imagination while it opens your heart.

Sulwen Macgregor is a studious college senior who only grudgingly leaves the sanctity of her room. The magnetic Logan Thatcher has plenty of notches on his belt, but eyes only for Sulwen. When the two meet, the chemistry is out of this world. In fact, it loops into a parallel universe, where Sulwen finds herself hunted by nightmarish beings, and it’s up to Logan to protect her. As their lives entwine, Sulwen and Logan must defy all odds to rise above those who will stop at nothing to suppress them.
"Close your eyes," he says, and then he gently places the black silk over my eyes and ties it securely behind my head. I can feel a slight push of air, so he must be waving his hand in front of my face to see if I'm peeking. I can't see a thing.

Apparently satisfied, he gently guides me back on a pillow. I can hear the sheets moving as he clears the bed. The bed dips as he moves about and situates me to his liking. I am flat on my back, and I feel a scarf around my left ankle. I pull it, but my movement is restricted as I realize I'm tied to the bedpost. Another silk tie fastens around my other leg, and I freeze. I've never been tied up before, and a moment of panic hits me. Next he secures my wrists in the same fashion.

"Be still." His lips brush against the top of my foot. He moves up the bed and ties my wrists in the same fashion. I am completely at his mercy. I feel helpless and incredibly vulnerable, but I keep reminding myself that this is Logan. He’s proven to me time and time again that although his methods are sometimes questionable, I can trust him. He always has my best interest at heart. We laid our feelings bare and here he is—trusting me to trust him.

This is my man, and he is going to do naughty things to me, and I'm going to love it. I release a deep breath and relax.

"That's my girl. Just relax, baby. I'm going to make you feel so damn good." I hear him walk across the floor, and then the muted light peeking in around my blindfold disappears, and everything is black. Pitch-black.

Clothes rustle, and then the bed moves as he climbs in.

Long fingers brush against my flesh. Then they're gone.

My heart rate picks up. My breathing becomes shallow. It's black all around me, and I hear his husky breath hovering over me. My womb clenches tight. I slide my tongue over my suddenly dry lips.

He groans. Heat…there's so much heat building in me. Soft, wet lips press against my hipbone as his tongue swirls tiny circles. Then it's gone. I'm starting to pant. My body is winding tighter and tighter.

Hot liquid skims across my clitoris. Nimble fingers start to massage, and I nearly come undone. Up, and down, but so achingly slow that I push my hips up, begging for more.
"Please." I'm over the edge with need, and he's just getting started. He pinches my clit and then rubs over it with the pad of his thumb. At least that's what it feels like. I can't really tell anymore. I am lost to his fingers as they stroke and tease me to a fever pitch. Then they're gone.

"No. No. No. Please, Logan." My hips are wildly twisting within the limits my bindings allow. The soft silk pulls against the skin around my ankles and wrists as I lose mys
elf to the burning need within.
"Shh." Warm breath blows across my breasts. My body stills as I succumb to the sweet agony. He
dives and takes my nipple into his mouth in one fluid move, and I shudder. The air lumps in my throat, and I gulp to catch my breath. He sucks so hard, but when his teeth nibble tiny little bites over the tip, I groan from the sheer ecstasy that assails my body.

I feel it building deep within. Tighter and tighter against my back, my belly, my very womb.
He moves to my other nipple to deliver the same erotic torture. His hands glide down my sides and
to my hips. He squeezes and then slides his hands in and down toward my groin....

Author Bio:

Author K. J. Coakley lives a life where she plays many roles…as most women do when they are a wife, mother, and caretaker of two rowdy dogs. But when she’s not working her nine to five gig, or spending time with her family, she can be found glued to her laptop where she loves to create worlds with sexy alpha males and brazen heroines. She is also an avid fan of heavy metal and rock music, and regularly attends music festivals.

Coakley received an Associate degree in Business Administration from Walters State Community College, and a Bachelor of Business Management degree from East Tennessee State University. Her debut novel Kairos is the inaugural installment of a new paranormal romance series.

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