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For many generations, the Crownley's always had triplets: two sons and a daughter. 

So when twin daughters are born to the Crownley family, it’s regarded as a very bad omen… 

The Crownleys are renowned herbalists in their community and descendants of Superstition's settler and they are sure to point this out to their daughters at every turn. 

When six years pass, the third child is born…another daughter. 

Powers that have not been gifted for many generations begin to emerge within these girls and it attracts the attention of people all over the kingdom.

Magical artefacts once thought to be legend, re-surface. And stories told to children begin to have a ring of truth.

So what purpose could three incredibly different sisters from a backwards village possibly have?


Ashley Britten is a freelance writer and novelist who lives near the Canadian Rockies with her husband, their dog, and, her betta fish Clyde.    

Ashley has a BA in English & French Literature and has devoted her entire life thus far to reading and writing.  Some of her favorite authors include Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Mordecai Richler, and, Patrick Rothfuss. 

When not pounding out a new chapter with the much-needed assistance of a vanilla latte, Ashley can usually be found hiking and camping with her husband or enjoying a nice meal with friends.


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