Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Second Chance

Title: A Second Chance (Chance series #1) 
Author: Isabella Bearden
Genre: Young Adults 
SynopsisRayleigh Bell is your typical everyday high school girl. For years she has been bullied for being overweight and not blending in with the right crowds. Never making friends, constantly left alone, unless being tormented on a regular basis, she decides enough is enough, and convinces her parents into moving away.
New look, new town, new school, this is her new start.
When she meets football player Tate Davis, they spike up an unlikely friendship that has his girlfriend, Courtney, beyond pissed. She doesn't like the idea of her boyfriend spending so much time with the new girl in town.
When their friendship blossoms into something more than Rayleigh could have imagined, will Tate`s determination of staying friends with Courtney, keep Rayleigh and him from being together? Or will they overcome it all and have the happy ever after they both want with each other?

Author Bio: 
What started as a hobby for Isabella Bearden has turned into a promising career path as a writer. A budding author of Young Adult and Contemporary Romance genres, Isabella began her writing career by keeping a daily journal while growing up. The fact that she comes from a large family, as well as being married to her high school sweetheart, has no doubt inspired her ideas for stories. Isabella has a strong passion for animals and at one point wanted to become a veterinarian. Her current hobbies including baking, reading, writing, and spending time with her family, which, of course, includes three members of the canine variety! Isabella thrives on the immense satisfaction she feels by knowing that she has created something for countless readers to enjoy. Her current novels include Love is Patient and A Second Chance. Be on the lookout for her third book, Only Chance, coming soon!

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