Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From Yesterday

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Title: From Yesterday
Author: Miriam Epstein
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 18, 2014
Moving to Miami was supposed to be enough distance from her family and her past, but Paige Kerimov can’t seem to get them out of her head. A year of self-induced solitude, nothing but school, Paige reluctantly starts to let people back into her life, including one person in particular; the insistent and attractive Brady Quinlan with whom she is paired for a project that will impact her major. She has no choice but to work with him, no matter how tough that makes it to deny her attraction to him.
As Paige lets her guard down, remnants of a violent past and a tragic history start to resurface and Brady knows she is hiding something. He tries to figure her out, but she can’t let him see when the truth is that she isn’t sure if she’s in danger from anything other than herself.  
I take a super long shower and turn the water as hot as I can. It can’t erase those memories, but the sting of the water on my stitched up arm actually has a cathartic effect. Only after the water starts to run lukewarm do I get out. I thought that I had made peace with that scar on my thigh, so it bothers me that I reacted so badly when Brady saw it. Yes, it’s true that I’ve only had sex in the dark before, but the possibility was always there that someone would see it. Of course, none of those guys were anything more than an opportunity for me to prove that I wasn’t damaged goods. One night stands; both of them. I dry my hair so that it doesn’t get frizzy and then put it up in a twist. Sweats and a t-shirt are as much as I feel like wearing today in the solemn mood I’m in. I check my cell phone and see a new text from Brady. Victor is working at the front desk until three. He will come up to your place right after. Do you want me there as well? I sigh. I feel as though Brady wouldn’t have even bothered asking if I wanted him here before I practically kicked him out earlier. I didn’t mean to and I really regret it. I wish I could start this day over. I can’t, but I do have an hour to fix one thing before this guy comes and plays detective in my very private life. I don’t want you to come over when Victor does. I want you to come over now. I’m a pain in the ass and I don’t deserve you, but come over anyway? I hesitate for a moment before I hit the send button. Did I really just call myself a pain in the ass? Yes, because it is the truth and because it will lighten the mood a little bit. It can be tiring being so damn intense all the time, and I’m used to me. What it must be like to be the person dealing with me, I have no idea. Definitely not easy. I hit send and wait for his reply. And continue to wait. After about 15 minutes, I throw the phone on the floor of my bedroom and lay down on my bed to feel sorry for myself. Sorry for screwing up what could have been the only emotional connection I’ve ever managed with a guy. I draw my knees up and wring my hands together in frustration.  
About the Author
I'm pretty sure I could read before I could walk. I remember sneaking in extra reading time with a flashlight as a kid after bedtime. Remember those shiny Lisa Frank sets? I traded mine for paperbacks in the fifth grade. Some of my favorite authors include, Christopher Pike, Anne Rice, and Sylvia Plath. I write YA and New Adult. Currently, I live in South Florida. Having changed my major three times, I'm still in college and I wait tables in my spare (ha!) time.

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