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RBTL Presents Shattered Skies: Night Waves by Heather Linn

Title: Shattered Skies: Night Waves

Author: Heather Linn

Series: Shattered Skies Saga (#2)

Genre: SciFi/Horror/Fantasy

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: Mar 18 2013


Catalina, or “Cat” as her friends and enemies both lovingly and mockingly call her, continues her quest to free the human race from their dark Vampiric overlords. Confused by love, driven by hate, Cat finds out that the lines of good and evil aren’t as black and white as they once were, but deep and foreboding shades of gray. Just as she has begun to make peace with all of the changes her life has went through, fate shakes things up again. Her closest allies aren’t what they seem, while those who were once enemies may uncover the salvation of human race. This time will Cat land on her feet or fall to the will to those she thought she could trust. Will the lies that are uncovered turn her life inside out or will the truth be more then she can bear. As Cat is torn from her reality can she keep from being consumed by the night waves?


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Author Information
I am a mother to three beautiful children, they keep me busy. I live in a small town that’s filled with monsters and really nice people alike. I love taking walks around the mountain trails where I live and I love taking trips to the Ocean, especially the South Carolina beaches. The ocean brings me tranquility and refreshes me, but I don’t get to go there often enough. Some mornings I listen to nothing but sad country songs for hours but when I write, I usually buckle down with my headphones and listen to something raw and angry like Seether, and Stone Sour. I can be shy around people but I’m mostly always honest within myself. In many ways, on many levels, I express different parts of myself through my characters. Someone told me once that you are only as old as you feel and I love that! In fact, I love that idea because personally, have no intentions of ever growing up! I want to be 18 forever no matter what they do to me. LOL!


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Hiding in the shadows, barely visible, there stood Drake. All 6'4” of tall lean dark and deadly Drake. I wanted to tell Kira to run but everything happened too fast. I was too late. I heard her hit the ground hard.
“Kira are you alright?” She made no answer. I dared not take my eyes off Drake long enough to look. “Kira answer me please,” I shouted into the darkness, but still nothing. Then I did something that I knew could cost me my life.

I looked away from Drake and into the night, looking for some sign of Kira. She was lying there perfectly still, with a dart sticking out of her neck. I turned around to demand that Drake tell me what the hell he had done to her but with his amazing speed; he was already standing right beside me. I tried to side step him and get away, but it didn't do any good. Before I could move, his arm wrapped around my waist and his hand clasped firmly over my mouth.

“Silly girl! You aren't as smart as I was hoping you would be. I thought all you stupid humans knew never to take your eyes off one of us.” He had me and my heart sank.

I had known this monster was going to be the death of me from the first time I saw him. I wished more than anything I had just screwed him back in that basement. At least the few minutes of stomach churning sex with him would have ended in his death. Now he knew that I was alive after freeing Walker and that meant that I was as good as dead. It also meant that more than likely, Akia would find out I was still alive too. I shouldn't have been more worried about the second of these two situations, but in truth I was.

“I am going to let go of your mouth now bitch. We have a lot to talk about, but I am telling you right now, if you scream I will break your neck and enjoy the snap it makes. Do you understand me Ms. Kitty?” I felt my temper about to boil over, but I shook my head yes. It was all I could do not to bite him, not that it would have slowed him down, but old habits die hard. When his hand uncovered my mouth, I asked him what he had done to Kira.

“If you are a good little girl, I’ll remove the dart before more of the poison goes into her hot little body. If I take it out soon enough she will sleep for a day or two but will wake up fine. But hey, if you are a bad little girl, I will leave the dart in her and then she will die.” Drake was enjoying his power trip. I could see it on his twisted face.

“What is in the dart Drake,” I asked innocently. I didn’t know why that might be important to know. But I guess I wanted to make sure that he wasn't bluffing.

“It is a very diluted amount of Vampire blood. The stream is very, very light but if the needle isn't taken out of her body, she will die.” I knew I only had minutes if that, to make him take the dart out or I would have the blood of another woman on my hands. I decided one had been enough.

“Now the way I see it you are going to come with me. You are not going to put up any fight. For one, if you do it really won't do you any good, and besides I know you don't want me to kill your lover girl over there.” He had me boxed in and he knew it.

If it had been just my life at stake, I would have fought him. I knew that he was going to kill me anyway, so I would have at least made him work for it.

“Yes, you are right Drake, you are here just for me anyway. There is no reason for you to go after her.” My brain was still trying to figure out how to get away, but that could only happen after he took the dart out of her and I knew she was safe. I took a quick look around the area hoping to spot anything that might help me escape.


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