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Never Say Never

Amanda goes through her young life having to survive experiences that nobody should have to. She was always quiet and found it easier to keep to herself, rather than share herself with the world. She struggled with being open and talking to anyone about what was invading her life. In her heart she believed it was much easier to keep her secrets to herself. Sometimes sharing your deepest and darkest with someone you love is the only way to free yourself. 

Will she ever be able to find that someone? Do the trials of her adolescence make her stronger in the end? Or will her world be turned upside down and she’ll be crushed under the weight of her love for another? Can she recover from the unthinkable? Will Amanda be able to pull through and find the one thing she’s always longed for and never really had…love?

Excerpt One Monday we went to the library and started on a bio report. We were assigned to be partners for a paper on the effects of smoking. We headed to the library because it was quiet, and we found our own little corner in a secluded section. We always seemed to end up making out more than working on our report, though. “Chris, we shouldn’t be doing this here.” “You know you don’t want to stop,” he said. “I can feel your want.” He was right. I didn’t or couldn’t stop. It got really heated; we were in one of the aisles looking for a book when all the sudden I was up against a shelf. Man, I thought we would do it in the library that day. The sprinklers could have gone off it was so hot. Our hands were all over each other. My hands wandered up his shirt feeling his soft skin against my fingers. I rubbed his chest and arms. All I could think about was how much I wanted him. The world felt shut out at the spark of all this. As his hands roamed my body, I was getting all hot and out of sorts. “Hmmm” I groan at his touch. “Don’t stop, Chris. Please don’t stop.” His hand found its way into the backside of my jeans softly squeezing my butt then moved around to the front to find my wetness. My fingers found their way to his hair and we kissed passionately as I tugged lightly. The sound of approaching voices snapped us back to reality. Quickly Chris pulled his hand from my pants, like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. An older woman walking past looked our way with a fake smile, as if she knew what we were doing. “Hi!” Chris said, chuckling to the lady. He was standing in front of me with his hands on my thighs. I was resting my head on his back, while peeking subtly over his shoulder. As soon as she was out of sight, he turned around to me. “Amanda, you are so beautiful, I don’t care if we got caught. Just feeling you is worth the risk.” The sight of his hard on popping up his pants like a pitched tent made me laugh. He gave me a side glare and a snicker. I grabbed his hips and pulled him back to me. “Hey, it’s a good thing we were interrupted. Who knows what would have happened.” Looking down at me, he stared intently into my eyes. His hardness was pocking me in my belly and it made me laugh as it kind of tickled. “You need to stop laughing, girl. It’s not funny what you do to me. You see that hard on? Ya know I’ll have the worst case of blue balls in history. If that lady didn’t come, I’d be making you come right about now!” “Oh yeah, you think so, cowboy? Who’s to say it wouldn’t be the other way around? That I wouldn’t making you come?” I gave him another quick peck on the lips then I lightly tapped his cheek, turned and started back to our table. I needed to get out of there before our first time having sex was in the library. We laughed our way back to our table and got our stuff together then headed out. Honestly, we waited a little longer before giving in, a few more days anyway. It was getting intense though, it was inevitable and soon.

Cajun Book Lover's Review:

I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

First off I gave it 4 stars because there were quite a few grammatical errors, other than that the story was GREAT!

This story is about 15 year old Amanda Nelson. In her short 15 years, Amanda has had to endure many hardships and the latest one is devastating. Amanda is a strong girl and somehow finds a way to pick herself up and move on. A few years later she meets Chris and feels that she has finally found her happily ever after.. Until one night her world unravels and her past comes back to haunt her.

Will there be a happily ever after? Well, we have to wait until book 2 to find out! Yep.. This ended with a big ole CLIFFHANGER!! But that’s ok, it will be worth the wait!

Hello my name is Melinda and I am a new Indie Author. Yes I admit it I’m a newbie and came quickly crashing into writing. I also admit that I have the worst sense of grammar and punctuation out there don’t critique me on that here cause this IS unedited!LOL

I  live in a small New England town that is North of Boston. There I live with my loving and supportive husband and my two young boys. As you now know that I find my inspiration in other authors. I also have music, my amazing family, friends, and of course my awesome co-workers that all inspire me. I really enjoy reading, now writing, taking pictures, massages, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and beer & wine.
I love to spend any free time I get playing with my boys, teaching them, taking family trips, spending time with my loved ones, going on quiet dates with my hubby, and crazy fun nights out with my girlfriends.
My first book is called Never Say Never. I self published this book on March 21, 2013. Very soon after hitting that publish button on Amazon I came to realize that my book needed a little more editing and to be revised a bit. So after some serious consideration I decided to take the book down and do what needed to be done to it.
It has taken me a bit longer than I would have liked but some things got in the way…..well that’s life for ya! I worked full force on it when time allowed and I managed to get it back up and for sale as of the end of July 2013. This book is a cliff hanger that will leave you wanting more. So be aware of that. There is a part 2 to follow, I am hoping to have it done and out in the winter of 2013 or Early 2014. Also in between I am working on another book which will be more on the contemporary romance side vs new adult.

Top Ten Book Boyfriends: 

1. Kellan Kyle (Thoughless Series By: S.C. Stephens)
2. Todd Armstrong aka:Shades (Strings By: Kendall Grey)
3. Victor Garza (Translation Of Love By: Alice Montalvo-Tribue)
4. Eric Reilley (Spark By: Brooke Cumberland)
5. Jeff Cartwright (Big Girls Series By: Jasinda Wilder)
6. Marcus Deluca (Disastrous By: E.L. Montes)
7. Chase Delany (Rock Stars Do It Series By: Jasinda Wilder)
8. Gideon Cross (Crossfire Series By: Sylvia Day)
9. Reid Connely (Love Series By: Melissa Collins)
10. Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey By: E.L. James)

5 Fun Facts about me:

1. I have no sense of grammar or punctuation.
2. I never intended on being a writer.
3. I wrote Never Say Never in 3 weeks.
4. I think I fell in love with Chris too!
5. My birth name is NOT Melinda.

Amber Heard as Amanda Chad Michael Murray as Chris


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Never Say Never ~ Playlist
Here are some songs that inspired or remind me of my book. I will say that The Fray and Adele are such huge part of what I listened to while I wrote (and always....I love them!) This list could go on and on. I have taken the time to attach youtube links so you can listen too! Enjoy!
1. Happiness - The Fray ~
2. Adele ~ Melt my heart to stone ~
4. Katy Perry ~ Part of Me ~
6. The Fray ~ Never Say Never ~
7. The Fray ~ Look After You ~
8. Adele ~ Make you feel my love ~
9. AJ Edwards ~ Love It All ~
10. Edwin Mccain ~ I could not ask for more ~
11. Duran Duran ~ Come Undone (AJ Edwards cover)
13. Justin Timberlake ~ Mirror ~
14. Coldplay ~ Fix You ~ 15. Christina Perri ~ Thousand Years ~


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