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Allegiant (The Guardian Trilogy #2)
Author: Sara Mack
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Synopsis:

Last summer, Emma discovered that true love never dies.
It can return.
It can give you hope.
It can pull you from darkness.

Until it’s ripped from you.

As her 22nd birthday approaches, Emma Donohue finds herself back at school and utterly alone. Hours away from family and friends, her solitary days are spent contemplating what never should have been. James should never have died, but he did. He should never have been assigned as her Guardian, but he was. And she should never have allowed Dane to get too close to her heart.

But she failed.

Desperate to fill her time, Emma is intrigued by her mysterious new neighbor, Garrett. She’s never met anyone quite like him before, and, curious, she attempts to discover his past. Little does she know his presence will pull her into a world she could never imagine. A world that follows an ancient doctrine. A world built on loyalty, yet plagued by secrets and lies.

A world that will threaten everything – and everyone – she loves.

Allegiant is the second story in The Guardian Trilogy. The third novel, Reborn, is complete and due to be published in February 2014

About the Author

Sara Mack is a Michigan native who grew up with her nose in books. She is a wife and a hockey mom on top of being trapped in a windowless office forty hours a week. Her spare time is spent one-clicking on Amazon and devouring books on her Kindle, cleaning up after her kids and two elderly cats, attempting to keep her flower garden alive, and, of course, writing. She has an unnatural affinity for dark chocolate, iced tea, and bacon. Guardian is her debut novel.

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                                                              Allegiant Deleted Scenes

“Come in.”

The office door opens. “Sorry for the interruption sir, but your associates from out of town have arrived. Should I show them in?”

Lucas glances at the clock and sighs. It’s after five, and he’d like to go home for the day. This unscheduled meeting nonsense needs to stop. He relaxes his expression and smiles at his assistant. It’s not her fault. “Yes, thank you Laura. Please have them come in.”

She nods and turns to leave, then pauses. “Um, sir?”


“Do you need me to stay? My son has a soccer game tonight, and I was planning on…”

“Oh no, of course not. Go home to your family,” he says. “Have a nice night.”

“Thank you. See you in the morning.”

“Yes. See you then.” Lucas stands and moves around his desk to lean against the front of it. Let’s make this quick, he thinks to himself. I have a wife and a daughter to get home to, too.

Seconds later, three men enter the room. “Gentlemen,” he says and nods. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit?”

“Cut the crap,” one of the men, Kellan, says. “You know why we’re here.”

Lucas grimaces. “Not this again.”

“Yes, again,” Kellan says and takes a seat in front of him. “The situation isn’t improving. Someone knows.”

Lucas shakes his head. “Your hearing rumors. Nothing more.”

“How can you believe that?” Abraham says, taking a step forward. “You honestly think someone came up with the idea of being Reborn on their own? Figured it out all by themselves?”

“Our way of life is in jeopardy,” Ethan stresses. “We are The Allegiant. It’s time to find the source of these so-called rumors and put an end to them. Our way.”

Lucas pushes himself off the desk and crosses his arms. “There’s no need to do anything rash. Nothing warrants mass hysteria. Our Guardians already fear us enough.” He pauses. “Think of their Wards. What will happen to them if everyone is preoccupied with fear? No.”

“We need you in on this,” Kellan says. “We can’t do it without you.”

“And I already told you I won’t agree to it,” Lucas says, irritated. “Like I said before, we may have a few restless Guardians. It happens. Maybe some of them got together to do some wishful thinking.”

“It’s more than that. I can feel it,” Ethan says.

“I can too,” Abraham speaks up.

Lucas frowns. “The balance remains. There has been no exodus.”

Kellan disagrees. “We cannot allow for curiosity. The rumors regarding the Reborn are remarkably accurate. If enough find out this is possible, do you know how many Guardians we would lose? How many Wards would suffer?”

“Of course I do. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We need to consider how being Reborn can work for us. There’s a reason the method exists. We’re not the only ones –”

“No!” Kellan cuts him off and stands. “There are too many problems with your idealism, too many consequences. We can’t save everyone! Fate exists and we play our role. There’s no way around it.”

“I’m not trying to sidestep fate,” Lucas argues. “I’m trying to protect as many as possible.”

“From what? Their own free will?” Kellan snaps. “Short of taking that away, there’s not much more we can do to save humans from their choices. Our Guardians work hard enough.”

The two men stare at each other. This is not a new argument for them. How many decades have they fought about this? Lucas relents. He’s not in the mood to try and make the others see what they’re too closed-minded to envision. “So what do you suggest?”

“You know what we’d prefer to do,” Kellan says, looking at the other gentlemen. “But you’re unwilling.”

“As we thought he’d be,” Ethan says under his breath.

Lucas rubs his eyes in frustration. It’s obvious they won’t give up. “All right,” he says. “Let’s dedicate our efforts. I’ll come back early to find the source of these rumors. I’m sure with all of us there it will be discovered in no time. But I need to get some things situated here.”

“Agreed,” Kellan says. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“If the rumors continue and we cannot locate the source, our method will be implemented to find it.”

“And how long do you suggest we search before we cause undue chaos?” Lucas asks sarcastically.

“One month,” Kellan says. “We can’t afford to wait any longer.”

“Fine.” Lucas nods, agreeing under duress. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some things I need to take care of.”

The men eye each other and nod in agreement. They make their way to the door and Lucas follows.

“I’ll send word once I’m ready to join you.”

Abraham and Ethan exit the office. “We’ll be waiting,” Kellan says and takes leave himself.

Lucas makes his way back to his desk and sits down with a frustrated sigh. After all this time his brothers still refuse to give his ideas credence. They leave him no choice other than to operate behind their backs, to show them what they refuse to see.

“Time to start taking care of things,” he says aloud. He opens the browser on his computer and selects his banking website. He electronically transfers $5,000 into the account he set up for Garrett, and then pre-dates another $10,000 transaction for next month.

“He may need to disappear sooner rather than later,” he says under his breath.

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