Wednesday, October 7, 2015

**Cover Reveal** Scarlet Awakening

We are super excited to reveal the cover of SCARLET AWAKENING by Taylor Henderson today! And great news: you can PRE-ORDER your copy today too! SCARLET AWAKENING, Taylor Henderson's Coming of Age Romance, releasesOCT. 20th through Limitless Publishing and it's available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
★★★ SYNOPSIS ★★★
With the drama of the school year behind them, sisters Lena and Ella Snotty are off to California for the summer… 
Their parents have recently separated, and the sisters are becoming closer, though Lena can’t get past wanting to know more about their fractured family. While unpacking, Lena finds a photo of their mother with the twins she gave up for adoption, and notices something very strange. 
In the photo, there’s a man she’s never seen before… 
Assuming it must be the man who adopted the twins, Lena and Ella set out to find him so they can meet their younger siblings. As they search, Lena reconnects with Carter Anderson, the boy she dumped abruptly the year before, causing her to wonder whether or not she should return to Virginia in the fall. 
Did the man in the picture, truly adopt the twins—or is John Symmes someone else altogether? 
A journey through the past might just change their lives forever…
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