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**Blog Tour** My Life in 3 Colours

Title: My Life in 3 Colours
Author: P. Wish
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Ella has always been different. She loves blue and not pink. She loves Broccoli. And of course, she doesn't like going to school. 
However, one English lesson changes Ella. 
Follow Ella as she learns the importance of dreams, being unique and most of all, being yourself.
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P. Wish is an author, illustrator and blogger 

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Guest Post

5 Ways to get Ideas

I usually get ideas when I’m inspired. My first impulse is to jot down the idea and start writing immediately. However, the longer the novel, the more ideas and planning it requires. For this book, I used a combination the following ways to get ideas. Once you have an ideas, you can always polish it up later. The right idea makes your hands move and your heart beat. Here’s a few ways to get good ideas more often.

Meditation: This might seem like an unusual technique but it helps. Silence speaks the loudest. When your mind is in a calm and concentrated state, ideas come more easily. I noticed that I became more receptive to ideas once I made meditation a habit.
Listening to music: A lot of writers like to listen to music while brain storming or writing. The mood of the music, upbeat or slow also plays a role in the kind of ideas that enter the mind. I find that listening to upbeat music helps me get projects started while slower ballads work better for emotional sections. Classical music is also a good idea to boost intelligence, receptivity and relaxation.
Trying something new: Trying out a new cuisine, meeting new people, checking out a new sport or exercise class, buying new clothes that are not your usual style or reading a different genre are a few ways you can open your mind to new possibilities. Trying new things keeps you excited and widens the scope for ideas to enter your mind.
Use your life experiences: Life experiences shape every writer whether they realize it or not. The influence they have on writing style is often underrated. The more you experience in life, the more your writing evolves.
Reuse and recycle ideas: We often stash away unfinished drafts and old ideas, thinking that they will never see the light of day. However, they can be an unexpected goldmine. When you come back to old ideas after a while, you may see potential in it that you never did before.

I use a combination of these ideas and more techniques to get ideas. However, the process is an organic one and may be unique for each writer. These tips however will help break that dreaded writer’s block and get back on track. Trying out new genres is also helpful and boosts versatility. Ultimately, every writer’s craft is constantly evolving and you may discover new methods as you go through this journey. 

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