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**Cover Reveal** Unshakable

Title: Unshakable
Author: Jenna Tyler
Release Date: March 2014
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When I first met Decker Davis, I thought there was great potential for a happily ever after, but things didn’t work out as I had hoped. Life kept getting in the way, or stupid decisions were made by one of us. The ups and downs and ins and outs constantly replayed in my head, giving me hope that, one day, it could really happen.
Eric Reed walked into my life when I needed another distraction; a void filler. It was a void that had yet to be filled by anyone else. His bad boy appearance set my panties on fire but, deep down, I knew he wasn’t the one I wanted to end up with. My thoughts always got the best of me, setting up any relationship I attempt for failure. The wish was still there that Decker would come back to me. That he and I could finally be together forever.
My name is Dani Scott. Nothing good in my life has ever come easy. I’ve had to fight for all that I have, and I will continue to fight for all that I want.

Wrinkling up my nose, I fan my hand in front me to get rid of the spicy smell lingering in the air. “That might be a good idea. My mint and your spicy…not a good combo.”
He laughs and plants a kiss on my forehead as he pushes himself up off the couch and goes into the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”
I watch his backside until he’s out of view and what a view it is. When I hear the shower turn on, I’m a little surprised. It makes me want to take a shower as well, especially after being on the road all day. It would feel amazing right about now. I almost want to join him, but that would really be brazen of me on our first day of actually meeting. The thought still remains.
The water shuts off within a few minutes and when the door opens, large amounts of steam billow out into the hallway. He must have had that water piping hot to cause that much steam in such a short amount of time. Shortly thereafter, he steps out in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, making my heart drop into the couch and my mouth go slack. His torso is glistening with water droplets and a few are cascading down to be absorbed by the towel. His abs are not well-defined, but you can tell they are there, hiding behind maybe a little too much Taco Bell. Decker doesn’t need to be chiseled like a Greek sculpture to make me drool.
He catches me gawking and winks then turns to head to his room. I watch his ass move through the towel and the muscles in his back shift as he walks away. Sweet Jesus.
Upon his return, he’s wearing a pair of extremely baggy sweatpants that look like they are barely hanging on to his hips. The waistband of his underwear is visible and has Tommy Hilfiger repeating around it. I hope those are not tighty whiteys under those sweats or there’s going to be issues. Tighty whiteys are never tight and never attractive. They should not even be in existence.
Decker comes to stand in front of me with his naked torso and wet hair. The hint of a sexy ‘V’ showing makes me want to li… “Do you want to shower, baby?” He interrupts my thoughts.
A pang runs through me when he speaks his pet name for me and I wonder if I will have that reaction every time he says it. I kind of hope I do. I’m trying not to stare, which is really not working, and try to form a coherent sentence. “I thank go… I mean, I think so.” So much for coherent.
He offers his hand to me and pulls me up to my feet and leads me back into his room. “I’ll get you a towel and a wash cloth. Do you need anything else?”
I shake my head in response, barely registering that he’s talking to me. He kisses me again on my forehead and then disappears through the doorway. He returns, pulling me into his strong body. I can feel him thickening through his sweats and my jeans, “I put them in the bathroom for you.” He pauses then draws me in closer. “It’s ready when you are.” The double meaning of the last sentence is not lost on me and now all I can think about is him buried deep inside of me. A shower is definitely in order, although I have a strong suspicion that I might need another one in just a little while.
I was born and raised in South/Central Florida. Currently residing in Texas, I love spending time with my fur-baby, Roxy… and sometimes my kids (when they behave). I enjoyed writing poems as a teenager, but it was short-lived. I didn’t become an avid reader until… Twilight and became obsessed. My passion for reading led to stories and characters nagging at me. Then a friend suggested I write it out and have now released my debut novel, Something More.
I'm currently writing another novel and short story for an anthology.

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