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Tina Dawid is 26 and lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. This book was her therapeutic outlet for the suicide of her only sibling Austin Dawid in 2011. Tina goes by the penn A. Dawid to pay tribute to her brother Austin. Tina loves to read, spend time with her parents and friends, and her dog Petey who truly saved her life. 



Paperback will be available on amazon within 3-5 days, but for right now here is the createspace link!

Tara David has been with Bryan for six years, and one night when Tara has had enough Justin her brother is there by her side. This book shows the love between siblings, the heartache of abusive relationships, loss, and how one can come to count on the affections of men to get by. Tara David has only known how to be a girlfriend and sister, but when her life changes drastically, how will she react?

Nolen Wrexham is from a small town. He has been through a lot just like Tara. He is a single dad whose mother has cancer. Will he be the one to show her how to love again or will he just break her heart even more?

    “Come over here with me, to the couch he said.” I did as he said, walking over to the big fluffy brown couch. I sat down as did he, and I looked at him and said, “I love how abrupt you are.” He smiled that one in a million smile at me and said, “only with you. Do you know why?” I couldn't think of an answer, so I just shook my head no. He moved a little closer to me and whispered, “Because I know you want to be dominated in that way. You like it rough.” He was right. In all the years and partners I had had I loved to be the submissive one. I wanted to be controlled when it came to sex, but not when it came to my life. I looked back at him and said, “So control me.” Within a second he was kissing me, but it only lasted for a short second before he pulled away. “Get up and stand in front of me.” I did as I was told, nervous and excited at the same time. “Now, I want you to take an article of clothing off, one at a time.” I looked into his blue eyes as I started to remove my t-shirt. He watched me intensely. “Now the shoes and jeans.” When I started to unbutton my jeans he did the same, mimicking my movements. I was so horny right at the moment I wanted to jump him right then and there, but I also wanted to make him watch me and work for it. I slid my jeans down my legs after slipping off my converse. Right as I was about to take my bra off Nolen told me to stop, “let me look at you in those sexy panties and matching bra. Come here.”  I walked slowly towards him, and without hesitating he stood up, removed his shirt, wiggled his jeans down his own legs, stepping out of them, and in one swift movement picked me up off the ground and into his arms. I laughed as I said, “where are you taking me?” He returned the laugh and said, “I’m taking you to my bedroom, where I am going to fuck you so hard you’re going to want me to never stop.”
        When we entered his bedroom, he tossed me down on the bed, and I couldn't help but giggle. He knew exactly what he was doing to me. “I want you,” I said in almost a whimper. Nolen pushed me down on the bed and lowered himself onto me, holding himself up not to put his full weight on me. He reached at the hem of my panties and pulled them down, and said, “So beautiful.” I wanted to die right then when he was just staring down at my pussy. He took one finger and traced along the opening, teasing me, not putting much pressure on it at all. I could feel his cock growing hard under his boxers. I reached my hand down to feel it, and he grabbed my hand and flipped me over, pulling my legs toward him so my ass was in the air. I heard him discard his boxers, and I could feel his cock on my ass. He was rubbing it along the crack of my ass. “Please Nolen, fuck me!” I was practically begging for it, but he continued to take his time. I pushed my ass back against him, trying to get some sort of pressure there, but he held onto my hips to steady me. He reached down between my legs, running his fingers along my slit right over my clit moving fasters and faster in circles. I could feel the wetness between my legs, and my orgasm building. “You are so wet for me, baby,” Nolen said almost in a teasing tone. He knew he was torturing me and he loved every minute of it. Abruptly I felt his tongue on my asshole moving up and down, while he was still fingering my clit harder than before. “Nolen, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to….”

1. Tell us about your book/books? Regrets is a fictionalization of my journey of moving on from an abusive relationship and the suicide of my only sibling Austin in 2011. Regrets dark beginning turns into a beautiful love story.

2. How did you get started as a writer? I began reviewing books for blogs and then creating my own blog and design company and then I decided it was time to start writing myself. It was very therapeutic to write Regrets. This book means a lot to me and I have always loved to read, so why not start writing myself!

3. What’s a typical day like for you? I usually work during the day, sometimes the evenings and then I come home and spend time with my boyfriend.  I like to spend my free time reading, watching movies, and just relaxing. I do write on my off days or when inspiration hits me. I am currently working on my second book called, “Her Professor.”

4. Describe your workspace.  I have a wood desk with a book shelf attached. I usually do blog things on my desktop, but when I’m writing I use my laptop so if I feel like writing in bed that’s where I am or if I want to go outside and lay on my hammock under the maple tree that’s now huge that my brother planet from a seed.

5. Favorite books? I have two series that I love. First is Kerrelyn Sparks series called, “Love At Stakes,” and Sylvia Day’s “Crossfire Series.”

6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you. I’m really boring. I’m a home body. I love to be home in sweat pants just watching tv, I’m extremely obsessed with my 90lb pitbull mix Petey, and if you read Regrets you’ll know why, and I believe in spirits. I know that my brother is around and he watches over me. I can feel it.

7. Favorite quote: “Keep moving forward because backwards is not an option,” – Unknown

8. Best and worst part of being a writer? I love being able to express myself through words quietly, but it is also give and take, sometimes nothing is there to express.

9. Advice to writers? “JUST DO IT!” 

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