Friday, May 2, 2014

Vicious (Supe City Series #1)






icious by Kris E. Pittman
Supe City Series #1

Victoria ‘Vic’ Townsend is an agent with the Super Natural Task Force. As one of the few females, and the fewer humans, on the force she is tasked with helping to keep the recently emerged Supe population in line. With all of the monsters that go bump in the night having just come out of the closet, the city is on chaos and facing threats they never even knew they should fear outside of a good horror novel.

When Vic gets a high profile case her Captain brings in some Supe help in the form of a shifter, Quinn Collins.

Quinn and Vic have met before and tensions run high – at least for Vic, who is about as tightly wound as a ball of yarn. Luckily for Quinn he can’t resist toying with her. Forming a friendship is rough in the beginning until a personal event proves that the feline might be her best ally.

*Vicious is the first installment of the Supe City serial

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